S'mores with SoChatti To Go Dark Chocolate

S'mores with SoChatti To Go Dark Chocolate

"Elevate your S'mores game inside or outside with SoChatti To Go. We recommend Tanzania to compliment the graham cracker or Honduras to add the smoky flavor without having to roast your marshmallow, no fire needed!" -Chef Jessica

Our vegan s'mores with dark chocolate will wow any family member or friend! Just drizzle SoChatti on your s'mores for a perfectly melted chocolate. Melted chocolate coats your mouth and allows you to really taste the complexity of the chocolate’s flavor! Or break off a piece of SoChatti To Go as a solid bar and let the chocolate melt a bit with the toasted marshmallow - the old fashioned way!

Vegan s'mores

Vegan s'mores with dark chocolate

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