SoChatti is more than just melted chocolate. Our chocolate-making process delivers a depth of flavor that will change your chocolate expectations. SoChatti’s craft, coupled with our innovative packaging, preserves the flavors that typically get lost during traditional chocolate manufacturing.

On our quest for dairy-free chocolate, we discovered a technology that unlocked chocolate’s flavor unlike anything we had ever tried before. SoChatti delivers the true flavor and purest chocolate experience.


Is SoChatti just warm chocolate, you ask? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. While SoChatti and standard chocolate use many of the same ingredients, SoChatti is crafted and packaged to preserve flavors lost during traditional chocolate manufacturing. Warming up a bar of chocolate cannot revive flavors that have already been destroyed. Instead, SoChatti utilizes tailor-made manufacturing and delivery methods built on a platform of premium quality and innovation to deliver the chocolate maker’s experience to our consumers.


SoChatti is crafted and packaged to preserve the flavors lost during traditional chocolate manufacturing. Traditionally, beans are roasted, shells are removed, nibs are ground, the resulting liquor is tempered, and the chocolate is molded. Our chocolate making process follows six key steps, each of which contributes to the creation and preservation of the flavor and texture of our chocolate.


SoChatti’s manufacturing process is designed to encourage innovation. It is flexible, self-drying and completely cleanable between batches, enabling the creation and preservation of unique flavor profiles. Specific ratios of grinding media — extra-large steel balls — have been carefully selected to pulverize a broad range of ingredients. Our active drying mechanism selectively absorbs moisture during manufacturing, an attention to detail that results in a smooth, glossy liquid chocolate.


The process of making Sochatti chocolate can be broken down into six steps: sourcing ingredients, producing cacao nibs, roasting, grinding, packaging and cleaning.

Step 1: Sourcing Ingredients

We’re committed to creating a more sustainable supply chain by working with suppliers around the world to provide reasonable working wages and aid growing economies in cacao rich regions.

Step 2: Producing Cacao Nibs

The process of producing cacao nibs and preparing them for roasting has its own set of detailed steps: sorting, flash roasting, chopping, and winnowing.

Step 3: Roasting

In order to cultivate and mature the true, complex flavors of chocolate, our roasting follows a precise process of analysis, roasting, and quenching.

Step 4: Grinding

After roasting, ingredients are combined in the SoChatti grinder where they are continuously cold ground. The combination will first be made into a chocolate liquor to release the natural oils and aromas found in the beans. As these natural oils begin to coat the particles, the sugar and cocoa butter are added. After nearly 24 hours of continuous grinding, smooth, aromatic SoChatti is ready for filtering and outgassing.

Step 5: Packaging

Our packaging process is what keeps our flavors rich and pure. First, the chocolate is removed from the grinder and strained to filter out any unground ingredients. The outgassing process is next, where SoChatti is placed in a vacuum cleaner to extract microscopic air bubbles that may degrade the flavor over time. SoChatti is then immediately bagged to preserve the chocolate's flavor until you are ready to enjoy.

Step 6: Cleaning

The SoChatti manufacturing process is self-drying and completely cleanable between batches, enabling the preservation of unique flavor profiles. Our active drying mechanism absorbs moisture during manufacturing, an attention to detail that results in a smooth, glossy liquid chocolate. Traditionally, cleaning can be a concern for chocolate makers, as the chocolate’s exposure to moisture after equipment cleaning can affect the chocolate’s recipe.


What began as a quest to create a better tasting, dairy-free chocolate, quickly transformed into founder Matt Rubin’s fascination and quest for the true flavor, aroma and emotional experience of fresh chocolate. To a chocolate maker, chocolate is a beautiful, creative medium with unique, origin-specific flavors and aromas. Matt’s sole mission was to protect the essence of fresh chocolate in order to deliver a consistent emotional experience to consumers from the first bite to the last.

To become a master of his craft, Matt assembled a small, passionate team of unpaid friends and family and together they embarked on what would become a five-year journey to deliver the chocolate maker’s experience to the consumer. Together they spent nearly every weekend in a windowless, two hundred and forty square foot kitchen at the local Jewish Community Center, consumed by the sole goal of protecting and preserving the true flavor of chocolate.

With the patience and support of the local community, the team completed its mission through the discovery and creation of the SoChatti experience: a beautiful, melted expression of each cacao origin roasted and ground to perfection with flavors and aromas that are unique to each region and as fresh as the day they were made.

What the team did not expect is that in the process of perfecting chocolate, it would develop an industrial platform that would change the way a wide variety of food and beverage products are processed, ranging from fruits, vegetables, juices, and spices to vinegars, wines, spirits, and more. It turns out chocolate was the perfect platform for food innovation… the rocket ship that inspired over 40 patents worth of technology and launched an industrial company called True Essence Foods.

SoChatti today is proud to offer a world-class chocolate experience to the local Indianapolis community and beyond through our tasting room and chocolate products available across the country. Thank you for supporting our mission.