SoChatti brings you chocolate flavors from around the world

Crafted with simple ingredients for a pure tasting experience


Our chocolate is crafted with just three ingredients: cacao nibs, organic sugar cane, and organic cacao butter. This means SoChatti is dairy-free, vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free. We create a chocolate that is neither bitter nor sweet, so you can maximize the flavor to its fullest. As artisans, we thrive on the ability to create and share new flavors. Chocolate is the perfect medium. The cacao bean’s origin shapes the unique flavor profile of the chocolate.


Responsibly-Sourced Ingredients

SoChatti creates a more sustainable supply chain by creating a higher standard for chocolate. We work with suppliers around the world to make sure the value we create for our consumers translates back to value for the farmers. We purchase top-quality ingredients at two to four times above industry-standard prices to help support a sustainable supply chain, reasonable working wages, and a growing economy in cacao rich regions.

It’s All About the Bean

Cacao beans, like coffee beans or grapes, absorb flavors from the soil and air in their surroundings as they grow. Local cacao varietals and fermentation practices further add to an origin’s flavor profile. Together, this creates an experience as unique as a fingerprint. In addition, local farming co-ops typically pool together harvests from small farms to create blended regional varietals with wonderful depth and diversity of tasting notes. Before SoChatti, chocolate’s depth of flavor was available only to chocolate makers. Now, you can discover the complexity of cacao beans and an endless array of recipes right at home. Discover tasting notes and cacao farming information for each origin.



You often see that our chocolate "blooms," and doesn't look totally dark, smooth and glossy, because we don't use emulsifiers or preservatives. We use high quality cacao butter and cacao nibs and it is normal to see some natural color variation!  



We only purchase responsibly sourced cacao from farms around the world that practice organic farming.


Kokoa Kamili Fermentery in Mbingu Village, Morogoro Region, Tanzania, is situated in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park. It works with nearly 3000 smallholder farmers, most of whom farm between 0.5-2 acres of cocoa.

Chocolate Tasting Notes: Blueberry peaks dance over a creamy chocolate base.


Our Single Origin Honduran cacao is sourced from the Atlantic coast of Honduras which provides the ultimate cacao growing climate. Depending on the region’s soil, surrounding vegetation, weather patterns, and processing, cocoa can have completely different flavor notes depending on their origin.

SoChatti directly trades with cacao farmers, which ensures sustainable living wages that are higher than non-direct manufacturers.

Chocolate Tasting Notes: Stout and smoky notes round out a rich dark chocolate base.


Colombian cacao was first explored by Cacao de Colombia in 2011. They have invested in the proper resources so cacao farming could become more efficient and profitable. By working with community cooperatives and establishing a more sustainable supply chain, the Tumac region is now producing high-quality cacao. This opportunity enabled farmers to make 70% more income. Not only does it help grow the local economy, but also the people can achieve more reasonable living wages.

Chocolate Tasting Notes: An elegant chocolate with light and aromatic peaks


Ucayali River Cacao in Pucallpa, Peru works with about 400 small farmers with 1-3 hectares of land each. The cooperative has partnered with USAID and Alianza Peru to provide local farmers access to an alternate market to cocaine.

Chocolate Tasting Notes: Bright red berries dance across a smooth chocolate base