SoChatti Chocolate was the Rocketship for True Essence Foods

Chocolate is one of the food industry’s toughest products. At SoChatti, we discovered technology that unleashes chocolate’s purest taste and scent. We are now using that same technology at SoChatti’s parent company, True Essence Foods, to address products that can be found in all aisles of the grocery store. True Essence Foods is a food technology company rethinking everything we know about food. Our technology can protect and restore the flavors in a pantry’s worth of products. We work with fruits and vegetables, fermented beverages, coffee, chocolate, herbs, hops, and more.

In addition to SoChatti chocolate, you can experience True Essence Foods technology in our Fruit Nectar product, now available online and in our chocolate tasting room. Our fruit nectars are made from 100% natural fruit juice concentrate and feature bright, bold, real fruit flavors in the form of a vegan honey substitute.

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