24 Corporate Event Ideas in Indianapolis, IN (Source: TeamBuilding.com)

24 Corporate Event Ideas in Indianapolis, IN

Here is our list of the best corporate event ideas in Indianapolis.

Corporate event ideas in Indianapolis are fun ways teams can enjoy an outing, gathering, or any celebration within the city. For example, groups can explore Breakout Games escape rooms, take pictures at Selfie WRLD Indy, or relax at The Woodhouse Day Spa. The purpose of these ideas is to highlight the best ways teams in Indianapolis can experience a memorable work event.

These ideas work for company Christmas parties, team building days, group retreat activities, and conference entertainment. These activities are similar to Indianapolis team building events and Indianapolis work outings.

This list includes:

  • corporate event ideas in Indianapolis for adults
  • outdoor corporate events in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • corporate Party Ideas in Indianapolis, IN
  • large group corporate event activities in Indianapolis

Here we go!

List of corporate event ideas in Indianapolis

If you plan to host your next corporate event in Indianapolis, then you would not want to miss out on the city’s entertainment and group opportunities. From watching a show at Studio Movie Grill to exploring Indiana Medical History Museum, here are the best ideas you can use for related events in Indianapolis.

1. ScavBoss

ScavBoss sets up indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt games in different locations within Indianapolis, from neighborhoods to parks and museums. The event features fun storylines, challenging puzzles, and game mechanics. You can have the event customized to center around a particular theme.

The scavenger hunt will last around 90 to 120 minutes. Aside from solving puzzles and finding clues, your team will take awesome pictures and learn more about the event’s site.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

2. Minute Madness

Playing Minute Madness is one of the large group corporate event activities in Indianapolis.

The engaging and spirited challenge will run for 60 minutes. You and your colleague will have a blast while earning points for your team. Minute Madness involves a series of 60-second challenges. Your team will compete to see the player with the strongest willpower that can win the most tasks in under a minute.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

3. Pride Trivia

Pride Trivia is a game designed to celebrate Pride Month and deliver a fun experience for attendees. You can also run the event for other occasions at any time of the year, with various topics like Jewish Heritage Month and Women’s History month. Pride Trivia features questions designed by LGBTQ+ hosts to reflect on community experiences and history while embracing identity. The host will bring the fun event to your location in Indianapolis.

Learn more about Pride Trivia.

4. The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling is a workshop excellent for teams playing different roles, from sales to marketing and leadership. During the fully hosted event, your team will learn and practice how to deliver powerful messages. The host will reveal the secret to impactful communication by breaking down a proprietary formula step-by-step, and sending groups off to practice the craft.

Whether you are an expert or beginner storyteller, the event is accessible for attendees at any skill level. Aside from better work performance, the skill is also helpful in attendees’ personal lives. The Art of Storytelling will run for 90 minutes in your desired location within Indianapolis.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

5. SoChatti Chocolate Tasting Room

SoChatti Tasting Room is a chocolate factory located in downtown Indianapolis. The factory makes delicious, vegan-friendly chocolates free from gluten, dairy, soy, emulsifier, and preservatives.

SoChatti Chocolate Tasting Room offers one of the tastiest food experiences in the city. Your team will have a bite of delicious chocolates made with ingredients from organic farms worldwide. You can choose from several tasting packages, including the chocolate-making class lasting 90 minutes. During the lesson, your team will touch and taste the chocolate ingredients before making the final products.

The tasting room also offers a chocolate and wine class, priced at around $100 per attendee. In addition, your experience at the tasting room will include touring the chocolate factory, making drop candies, and having a charcuterie.

Learn more about SoChatti Chocolate Tasting Room.

6. Fastimes Indoor Karting

Visiting Fastimes Indoor Karting is one of the fun corporate event ideas in Indianapolis. You can enjoy the experience by walking into the facility for an “arrive and drive” race or making a reservation.

You can find meeting spaces for your event at the center, featuring a clear view of the track and free wifi. Depending on the reserved package, you can also have winning medals awarded to the top three racers in your group.

Learn more about Fastimes Indoor Karting.

7. The Key Escape Rooms

The Key Escape Rooms designs exhilarating games to give players a highly immersive adventure in real life. You will get a memorable one-hour experience from any room you book. The escape rooms include:

  • Wine Cellar Terror: You will solve mysteries relating to an old wine cellar while watching out for likely pranks from the vineyard’s owner.
  • Movie Horror: This highly immersive game will test your team’s observation skills as an invisible maniac in the room causes objects to appear and disappear.
  • Clue Cafe: With this experience, your group can play in two teams inside the same escape room. While playing different games, you will compete to see the team that emerges the winner.

Your group size will influence the game pricing, starting at around $30. In the escape rooms, you can expect a scary experience, haunted plots, and startles at the game’s start. Although optional, the game host will blindfold players while entering the theater for a suspense-filled experience.

Learn more about The Key Escape Rooms.

8. Hindel Bowl

The most fun corporate party ideas in Indianapolis include bowling at Hindel Bowl. Whether your team has beginner or expert bowlers, you will have a fun experience at the lanes. The game price varies on different weekdays, costing around $10 per player for two games. You can also add bumpers to your booking.

Furthermore, the bowling center organizes league games for interested teams. You get to set your own rules and prepare prizes for the winners.

Learn more about Hindel Bowl.

9. Tilt Studio Indianapolis

Tilt Studio Indianapolis is an amusement center and a great location to host a fun-filled corporate event. The center provides an arcade with over 130 games, ranging from air hockey to basketball and racing. You can check out the mini-bowling lanes with automatic scoring and the Indy 500 Race Car Challenge.

Furthermore, Tilt Studio Indianapolis provides party spaces great for corporate events. The center also offers event packages customizable to fit your budget.

Learn more about Tilt Studio Indianapolis.

10. Indianapolis Art Center

Indianapolis Art Center is a creative institution located along the White River. The center has more than five galleries visitors can explore, and ou can go on a group tour if your team has a minimum of 20 members. The tour comes in different packages with diverse experiences. For instance, if you reserve an educational tour, then you will learn more about the museum’s current collections and exhibits. Or, you can have a fascinating view of the White River and sculptures outside the center by taking the ARTSPARK tour.

You can upgrade your experience to include a demo on sculpture, jewelry, glassblowing, printmaking, and ceramics skills. For a more engaging and fun event, you can also include other activities like drawing games, photography scavenger hunts, and metal embossing. The entire experience will last one hour or more. Furthermore, the art center provides spaces for corporate events, from the galleries to a 224-seat auditorium.

Learn more about Indianapolis Art Center.

11. Ice Cream at BRICS

BRICS is a dessert shop in Indianapolis where your team can stop by for delicious ice creams. Aside from the ice creams produced in rare flavors and vegan options, the shop also serves coffees, hot chocolate, and cookies. BRICS features a water station for filling your bottles and an outdoor seating area. Also, your team can get free treats for furry friends.

Learn more about Ice Cream at Brics.

12. Indy Acres Paintball

Dodging and shooting at Indy Acres Paintball is one of the large group corporate event activities in Indianapolis. Located around 20 minutes from downtown Indianapolis, the gaming center provides extensive outdoor fields where you can play capture the flag or a death match with your colleagues. You can also bring your own paintball guns that comply with the center’s specifications.

You are free to watch a match before playing, especially if you are new to paintball and need to get the hang of the activity. You can stop at the center’s gun shop for grabs if you need refreshments during your visit. The venue also offers private event packages allowing you to share the adventure only with your team members, access reserved tables, and pick your desired game field.

Learn more about Indy Acres Paintball.

13. Ragnarok Axe Throwing

Exploring the lanes at Ragnarok Axe Throwing is a fun idea for corporate events in Indianapolis. Your experience will start with axperts teaching your group the sport’s basics. Afterwards, your team can engage in a friendly contest to have the highest score and become the ‘Lumber Lord.’ The center will also stamp a Lumber Lord mark on the winner’s body part.

During your contest, the axperts will help you keep track of the scores. You can also do freestyle throwing without keeping scores or competing with your colleagues. Although you can bring your own food to the venue, you cannot come with outside beverages.

Learn more about Ragnarok Axe Throwing.

14. Mini-Golf at Rustic Golf

Rustic Golf features a unique 18-hole mini-golf course. The time you will spend on the course depends on your skill level and team size. On average, golfers can spend up to one hour playing nine holes.

The golf club welcomes groups looking to have an event. You can gather your group at the picnic area provided within the golf facility. After booking your event, you will have access to play 9 or 18 holes.

Learn more about Rustic Golf.

15. Studio Movie Grill

Studio Movie Grill is a nice cinema located in College Park, Indianapolis. The movie theater features a full-service bar, laser projection, and state-of-the-art technologies to give visitors the best viewing experience.

The cinema also offers a dine-in service, and you can have your food and beverages served to your seat in the showroom. If you need a party space, then you can reserve one of the theater’s meetings and events packages. The venue also offers a special meeting menu for breakfast or lunch.

Learn more about Studio Movie Grill.

16. Tappers Arcade Bar

Visiting Tappers Arcade Bar is one of the best corporate event ideas in Indianapolis for adults. Here, you can play free arcade games like Ms. Pac–Man, Donkey Kong, and Galaga. The bar is among the best areas to stop for craft beers produced locally. Also, you can order delicious cocktails with your favorite garnish listed on the menu.

The venue is willing to host corporate events generally after regular working hours. Whether you explore the pinball machines or chat over glasses of beer, your team will have an enjoyable experience at the Tappers Arcade Bar.

Learn more about Tappers Arcade Bar.

17. Epic Climbing and Fitness

Epic Climbing and Fitness is a wall climbing facility in Indianapolis. The center offers an ‘Intro to Climbing’ class on select weekdays, focusing on the basic skills for rope climbing. Your group size will determine the class duration, but you can expect to spend an average of 90 minutes.

Apart from climbing, you can do yoga with your group at the venue. Also, your group can explore the facility on an overnight adventure. A staff member will be on hand to guide your group and ensure an awesome time.

Learn more about Epic Climbing and Fitness.

18. The Woodhouse Day Spa

The Woodhouse Day Spa provides relaxing and quality services based on guests’ needs. You can book treatments according to your team member’s moods. For example, the ‘Sports Massage’ treatment, featuring trigger point therapy and stretching, works for a refreshing experience.

Also, to aid relaxation, you can reserve the ‘WH Signature Calming Retreat’ treatment which combines exfoliation with body massage.

Learn more about The Woodhouse Day Spa.

19. Indiana Medical History Museum

Indiana Medical history Museum is a historical site located in the former Central State Hospital. Your group can visit the institution to learn more about medicine and science. The museum features The Medical Plant Garden, housing diverse flower specimens from different parts of the world, including Asia, Europe, Africa, and America.

If your team has a minimum of six members, then you can reserve a group tour organized by the institution. You can also take a self-guided tour to explore the museum and admire the aesthetic garden at your own pace. The museum also hosts special programs and events on different aspects, ranging from forensic science to mental health care and the history of medicine.

Learn more about Indiana Medical History Museum.

20. Selfie WRLD Indy

Selfies WRLD Indy is a selfie museum with artistic installations and rooms designed in unique themes to give your pictures a nice touch. Exploring the selfie museum is one of the most fun corporate party ideas in Indianapolis. Your experience onsite will last around one to two hours. Also, the general admission ticket pricing starts at around $25 per guest.

You will find a party room within the studio that you can use for your corporate event outside or during business hours. Based on your booked package, you can have up to two-hour access to the party room, Bluetooth ring lights, tables, and chairs. Staff members will be available to assist you during your event.

Learn more about Selfie WRLD Indy.

21. Pottery Painting at Pottery By You

Painting at Pottery By You is one of the exciting corporate event ideas in Indianapolis. The art studio offers painting classes to guests in different packages. You can learn more about painting a bisque in just two hours. Also, if you do not finish your artwork, then you can continue the next day without paying an extra fee. After a week, your artwork will be ready for pickup.

Pottery By You also provides a relaxing environment for you and your co-workers to share a few hours of fun. You can book a party if your group has a minimum of eight members. You will have guides to direct you while exploring your creativity. Also, you do not have to worry about cleaning up after the party. The studio welcomes guests bringing outside food and beverages, meaning you can include a team meal in your experience.

Learn more about Pottery By You.

22. Crackers Comedy Club

Crackers Comedy Club is an excellent venue for a joyous and laughter-filled event. You will reserve tables based on your group size to watch a comedy show. A table can accommodate around two to four guests. The venue also provides reserved seating if you prefer to stay with your group. You can order food from the club’s menu and dine inside the showroom.

In addition, the comedy club also rents out the venue for events in Indianapolis.

Learn more about Crackers Comedy Club.

23. Breakout Games

Breakout Games provides fun escape rooms in Indianapolis that will challenge players to work together and develop a team spirit. The experience will last one hour. Also, you can choose from different escape room themes with impressive storylines like:

  • The Kidnapping: You found yourself in a mysterious room, handcuffed and blindfolded. You have to figure out an escape before your captor returns.
  • Island Escape: Your team of explorers will combine brain power to escape an impending volcano eruption safely.
  • Undercover Alley: As undercover detectives of Breakout City, your team must stop an attack coming from an illegal organization in just 60 minutes.

The game’s cost will depend on your group size. Depending on the theme you book, you can have up to eight escapers in one room. Also, if you get stuck during your experience, then the game masters can give you hints.

Learn more about Breakout Games.

24. Garfield Park Conservatory

Garfield Park Conservatory is one of the best locations for outdoor corporate events in Indianapolis, particularly in the turf areas of The Sunken Garden. The garden houses different plants giving the environment a scenic perspective.

Visiting the garden is fun, whether you plan to host your event in the location or tour the facility. The park also hosts special events on scheduled dates, from gardening lessons to earthworm appreciation day. You can check the event page on the park’s website to keep up with upcoming programs.

Learn more about Garfield Park Conservatory.


Indianapolis has many top attractions, ranging from world-class exhibits to an impressive food scene. The city is home to parks and historical sites that allow you to connect with nature. You can find many recreational areas to visit, explore, and spend quality time with your team. Whether you decide to enjoy a scenic walk around a historical site or visit an amusement park, Indianapolis provides many opportunities to have the best corporate event all year round.

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FAQ: Corporate event ideas in Indianapolis, Indiana

Here are answers to questions about corporate event ideas in Indianapolis.

What are some ideas for corporate events in Indianapolis?

Some ideas for corporate events in Indianapolis include having ice cream at BRICS, Bowling at Hindel Bowl, watching a show at Crackers Comedy Club, visiting Indianapolis Art Center, and painting at Pottery By You.

How do you entertain attendees at corporate events in Indianapolis?

Planning for games and activities to keep guests engaged is an excellent entertainment idea for corporate events. For instance, you can run a contest, host a celebrity, or even have casual talks over glasses of wine. However, the entertainment you choose will largely depend on several factors like your group size, budget, or event’s location.

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