Founding Story

Founding Story

SoChatti was founded in 2014. Why? Well, a husband and wife discovered that Wife had a dairy allergy and could no longer eat her favorite food: chocolate.

As the devoted husband and engineer he is, Matt Rubin thought there had to be a way to make chocolate that Sarah (aforementioned Wife) could still eat.

Armed with some whole cacao beans, an $11 coffee grinder, and a mortar and pestle, Matt set out to create chocolate simple enough that anyone could eat it, no matter what dietary restrictions they may have.

He tweaked and tinkered with his bean to bar chocolate recipe and quickly realized that his chocolate, when still in its melted form, had richer, more complex flavors than any chocolate he had ever tasted. Made with only three ingredients, his simple, melted chocolate let the unique characteristics of the cacao beans shine through. Time after time, each batch took on different flavors, depending on the origin of the bean.

What began as a workaround for a dietary restriction, turned into a mission to introduce the world to a better chocolate experience.

SoChatti chocolate was born and the quest to help the world discover the true flavor of chocolate continues.