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Enjoy your favorite picnic foods with SoChatti chocolate.  Pair meats, cheeses, fruits, and desserts with different batches of SoChatti to see which ones are your favorite combinations. 


  • Raspberries, figs, and grapes

  • Cookies, madeleines, pound cake, or brownies

  • Mixed cured meats

  • Spinach salad with strawberries

  • Cheese with bread and crackers

  • Your favorite SoChatti chocolate

  • Your favorite wine or sparkling wine


Step 1. Plate fruits, meats, and cheeses on platters and in bowls. 

Step 2. Place bread and cookies on a platter or cutting boards. 

Step 3. Drizzle SoChatti into desserts or spread SoChatti on your bread.

Step 4. Uncork and pour your favorite wines.

Step 5. Then enjoy your picnic with SoChatti chocolate




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