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What makes a marshmallow even better?  Dip it in SoChatti and enjoy a quick and easy dessert that everyone will love.



  • Marshmallows (Store-bought or Homemade)

  • 3-4 ounces SoChatti chocolate

  • Toasted coconut, cocoa nibs, or chopped pecans


Step 1. Prepare a cookie sheet with a piece of wax paper or parchment to place your dipped marshmallows on.

Step 2. Place the 3 to 4 ounces of SoChatti into a small bowl or dish that would be good for dipping your marshmallows into.

Step 3. If using the chopped nuts, nibs, or coconut place them into a similar sized bowl as the SoChatti.

Step 4.Take each marshmallow, dip into the SoChatti until desired height, then pull the marshmallow out and let the excess SoChatti drip off.  If using the chopped nuts, nibs, or coconut, place the SoChatti dipped marshmallows into dipping ingredients.  Then place onto the cookie sheet.

Step 5: Place in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to set the SoChatti and enjoy your chocolate dipped marshmallows.




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