Cream Puffs with SoChatti Chocolate

Cream Puffs Dipped in SoChatti E.jpg

Try this SoChatti recipe for your next party or get together! Everyone is sure to enjoy this great combination of cream puffs and chocolate!


  • Your favorite cream puffs

  • 2 to 4 ounces SoChatti

Cream Puffs Dipped in SoChatti B.jpg


Step 1. Choose a flat plate or platter for serving your cream puffs. Fill a shallow bowl with your SoChatti.

Step 2. Take each cream puff and dip into the SoChatti, then pull the cream puff out, letting the excess chocolate dribble off. Place each dipped cream puff on the plate or platter.

Step 3. Best if enjoyed right away!

Cream Puff Dipped in SoChatti H.jpg




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