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There are three steps included in the process of roasting to precisely create and mature the flavor of our ingredients.


Each sample comprises a teaspoon of nibs, which are combined with a dash of sugar and tasted in its unground form. (The sugar helps to wake up and release the character of the beans.) 

Here is where our artisans discover the unique character of and create the desired roasting conditions for each bean. The artisan places a handful of winnowed nibs in a convection oven at a relatively low temperature and takes samples, tasting approximately every two minutes. 

Some nibs may have a bright, fruity break early in a roasting profile and then quickly burn as the roast continues. Other nibs welcome a long roast to develop rich, dark flavors. From these samples, we draw a curve with time points, bean temperatures and flavor peaks, and select the desired roast for bulk production.


Once the optimum roasting time and temperature is determined, sheets of nibs are loaded one-by-one and roasted to perfection according to the roasting profile. 


As soon as they reach the desired temperature, the nibs are removed and quickly quenched through the winnower. The cool air helps stop residual roasting and removes any trace chaff missed during the first winnowing pass. Now, we are ready for grinding.