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Rich Honduras To-Go Pack

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  • Tasting notes: Nutty, smoky, and stout notes round out a rich dark chocolate base without much bitterness.
  • Resealable pouch contains 10 portions of small-batch, artisanal dark chocolate made from 72% cacao that can be warmed and used for dipping, decorating, and eating on its own
  • Innovative packaging and SoChatti process preserves flavors otherwise lost during traditional chocolate manufacturing process
  • Vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, kosher pareve and halal
  • Three simple ingredients: cacao nibs, cane sugar, and cacao butter
  • Responsibly sourced from our fair trade farming partners in Honduras

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Enjoy Two Delicious Ways
Solid Or Melted

Tear off top trip and enjoy as a rich dark chocolate bar or place pouch in warm water for a minute and drizzle over your favorite snack.
We are committed to producing the world's best chocolate. Organic, all natural, no fuss.


Cacao nibs

Organic cane sugar

Organic cacao butter


Servings: 1

Serving Size: 0.8 OZ (23g)

72% Cacao

Nutritional Information

Calories 130, 

Total Fat 10g (13% DV),

Sat. Fat 6g (30% DV),

Trans Fat 0g,

Cholect. 0mg (0% DV),

Sodium 0mg (0% DV)

Total Card 11g (4% DV)

Fiber 4g (14% DV)

Total Sugars 6g (Incl. 6g

Added Sugars, 12% DV)

Protein 2g (4% DV)

Vit D 0mcg (0% DV),

Calcium 12mg (0% DV),

Iron 0.44mg (2% DV),

Potassium 113mg (2% DV)

Magnessium (8% DV).

CHOCOLATE ORIGIN: Wampusirpi, Honduras

Our Honduran cocoa beans come from Cacao Direct located in Wampusirpi for the sole purpose of re-establishing cocoa production as a sustainable livelihood for native Hondurans. Farmers receive the necessary tools to sustainably harvest cacao and are paid immediately at the time of delivery for “wet” cacao. Cacao Direct then ferments and dries every bean it sells to ensure quality and consistency. By working directly with local producers and growers, Cacao Direct aims to establish a stable, predictable, transparent, and direct connection between cacao growers and chocolate makers.
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