If you want to step up your s'more game, drizzle SoChatti over toasted marshmallows for a more sophisticated take on this classic treat. Smash between two graham crackers and enjoy.


  • 1 package graham crackers
  • 1 package marshmallows (image shows homemade marshmallows)
  • 4 ounces SoChatti chocolate


Step 1. Place one graham cracker onto a plate, to have ready once marshmallow is ready.

Step 2. Toast the marshmallow. Here are a few ways to toast your marshmallow.

- First is to take a small crème brûlée torch and roast the marshmallow to the desired temperature.

 -Second is to roast the marshmallow over a fire or grill to the desired temperature.

Step 3. Place the toasted marshmallow onto the plated graham cracker. Top with about ½ ounce of SoChatti onto to marshmallow.

Step 4. Top with another graham cracker and enjoy.  

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