OUr Philosophy

Should chocolate makers have an experience superior to their customers? We didn’t think so. SoChatti set out to change what is considered to be the typical “chocolate experience" and reinvent a new consumer product created through a fully integrated process of crafting and delivering chocolate.

To a chocolate maker, chocolate is best consumed warm, drawing out flavors and aromas characteristic of origins around the world. To most people, however, chocolate is a solid that quickly loses its unique flavors after brief exposure to the air. Our process, packaging and dispensing further preserves the cocoa bean's unique and coveted flavor that before was only available to chocolate makers and that are lost during traditional chocolate manufacturing. 

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OUR Beginning

Why did Matt Rubin start a chocolate company? He didn’t even love chocolate, but his wife sure did. When Sarah received a medical report in the mail indicating she had a dairy allergy, Matt thought the next best step should be to remove her temptation from their home. He sorted through the cabinets and refrigerator, tossing anything containing milk. Sarah acquiesced until Matt reached far back on a shelf and pulled out her chocolate stash. As he held it over the trash can, Sarah burst into tears. “I’ll never eat anything good again!” she cried. 

After two days of research and a quick stop to a local grocery store for some whole cacao beans, Matt got to work with an $11 coffee grinder and a mortar and pestle. A couple hours of elbow grease later, he had made from scratch his first 3-ounce batch of dairy-free chocolate. It was coarse, but good. This was the start of a hobby. Matt’s goal was to always have a supply of Sarah-safe chocolate bars in the cabinet. (Happy wife … happy life.)

Batch after batch, the chocolate got better. The chocolate-making equipment started to accumulate first in a drawer, and then on a shelf, eventually taking up multiple shelves in the garage. Where was the intervention banner? No one wanted to wave it. It turns out that when you give your friends 30-60 free sample chocolate bars a week, they have no reason to intervene.

The scale increased, the quality improved, and professional chocolatiers began to take an interest. One in particular suggested Matt consider starting a business. A month later, the owner of The Best Chocolates in Town pulled Matt aside and said, “I just negotiated a 75 percent discount on your packaging material. I want your chocolate in my store by Valentine’s Day so go home, figure your business stuff out and get it in my stores.” Three weeks later, Trade Secret Chocolates was formed.



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An Artisinal Approach


As artisans, we thrive on the ability to create and share new flavors. Chocolate is the perfect medium. Consider its complexity. Its origin shapes the unique flavor profile of each cacao bean. Combined with other ingredients such as salt, spices, dried fruits, and fresh or dried herbs, an endless flavor palate for creating exciting new recipes is available to us.

SoChatti creates a more sustainable supply chain by creating a higher standard for chocolate. We work with suppliers around the world to make sure the value we create for our consumers translates back to value for the farmers. We purchase top-quality ingredients at three to four times above industry standard prices to help support a sustainable supply chain, reasonable working wages, and a growing economy in cacao rich regions. 

Unlike conventional chocolate companies, which spend several months of research and development to make a new recipe, our manufacturing platform can easily adapt to ingredients with different moisture levels. This advantage enables our artisans to approach SoChatti as a dish in a kitchen rather than a formulation in a lab. 

It's All About THe Bean


Cacao beans, like coffee beans or grapes, absorb flavors from the soil and air in their surroundings as they grow. Local cacao varietals and fermentation practices further add to an origin’s flavor profile. Together, this creates an experience as unique as a fingerprint. In addition, local farming co-ops typically pool together harvests from small farms to create blended regional varietals with wonderful depth and diversity of tasting notes. 

A Nicaraguan cacao bean may create a stout, creamy SoChatti with a broad earthy peak, and a balanced euphoric finish. SoChatti made with beans grown in Madagascar may produce a rush of berries and pomegranate and then build to a citrus peak, followed by a crisp, refreshing finish. The chocolate purist tends to select beans from places like Ecuador or Trinidad, producing SoChatti with a rich-cocoa peak, flanked by a clean start and finish. 

Before SoChatti, chocolate’s depth of flavor was available only to chocolate makers. Now, you can discover the complexity of cacao beans and an endless array of recipes right at home. 

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Our Chocolate BrandS

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Trade Secret Chocolates

At Trade Secret Chocolates, we are proud to be SoChatti’s first artisanal brand. Our brand has one simple philosophy: “We work for the beans.” That work starts by conducting a roasting profile every morning before crafting a batch of SoChatti to ensure we are preserving the unique character of our most important ingredient.

Our artisans roast the cacao nibs to perfection and then combine them with just enough organic evaporated cane sugar and organic cacao butter to produce a finished product that is neither bitter nor sweet, but is carefully blended to amplify the natural character of the cacao.

At Trade Secret Chocolates, we take into account changing seasons and consumer tastes. In the summer, we may lightly roast a neutral Caribbean bean from the Dominican Republic or Trinidad to produce a delicate product with a light, grassy peak and a subtle chocolate finish. Every bite captures the essence of a summer picnic in. During winter months, we may roast the same bean with a slightly heavier hand to create a strong chocolate peak and a creamy, rich finish — the better to stand up well to heavy meals and traditional holiday food.


More Brands, Flavors & Styles


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